Pam Ryan-Mejia Featured in “Voyage Minnesota”

Recent BIG graduate, Pam Ryan-Mejia, is featured in Voyage Minnesota. In this piece, Pam shares the struggles of running a small business during the pandemic, and how she’s had to pivot – and pivot again – to adjust to the times. But most importantly, she shares how the BIG program at Edina Innovation Lab has helped her along the way.

“I learned scalability through the BIG program, how to ask for money, and how to staff up,” she says. “I have an excellent team now.” Breaking into a well-defined industry with so much competition from well-known brands and finding a way to be relevant was part of the challenge. “BIG gave me confidence, awareness, and a focus on how to show up, how to create collateral, and how to present in a way where even though I’m not in the big league, I look like I’m way more prepared than other companies,” she explains. “I learned how to define myself and my company better and the discipline to stand firm on it.” Better Together Cubed website

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