Sheila Mozayeny-Hale


Haus of Frankie

“I have known Annette for years and when she said she was launching this initiative, there was no way I wouldn’t do it,” says Sheila Mozayeny-Hale of the Edina Innovation Lab’s BIG program. 

She began her candle-making business, Haus of Frankie, in 2020, “not really knowing what I was doing.”

She knew how to make hand-poured clean candles with natural soy wax and subtle fragrances that are 100% phthalate-free, but she didn’t know much about marketing, social media, photography and a few other necessities.

“I felt like an island because I didn’t know where to go and who to ask for guidance on things like taxes or business loans. It was super intimidating,” she says. 

She joined the BIG program and met others going through the same growing pains. They learned together and now they count on each other for advice and support.

“I can text any one of them any day and ask questions,” she says. “They’ll be there to help.” 

One thing she learned from her BIG experience is to think bigger. She learned how to streamline her business, get rid of the roadblocks, and take a few calculated risks. 

“The guest speakers were great. We talked to bankers, lawyers, and other professionals that provided valuable insight.”

Mozayeny-Hale would love to make Haus of Frankie a full-time endeavor. Now she feels like she has the tools to make that happen.