Rachel Michael


Rachel Michael Styling

Rachel was leading a team of stylists for an online personal styling company and was doing more managing than styling. She found herself really wanting to be able to see and talk to clients, to see what was in their closet and be in the fitting room with them to show them styling tips and tricks for their outfits. She was missing the personal touch that you just can’t get through a computer screen. She took the leap and Rachel Michael Styling was born.

Rachel struggled with knowing what to focus on in her business to have the most impact and ROI to reach her goals. BIG was a big help.

“I was able to narrow my priorities and appreciated running ideas by other members of the group,” she says. “They provided a fantastic sounding board, especially because they are running businesses in the exact same geographical market as me.”

Now she’s able to say no to things that aren’t right for her business. The new focus has allowed her to have more energy for the important things. 

“The best part about BIG was definitely meeting with the other members. I always left feeling energized after our great conversations and connection.”