Great Spaces Floor Company

Nick Larson opened Great Spaces Floor Co. with over a decade of flooring experience. He brought superior customer service, product knowledge, and drive to the table. What he didn’t have was a system of processes in place.

Nick wanted to grow but didn’t exactly know how. He had a ton of ideas and some unsolicited advice from others. What he needed was a plan.

“In the lab, we go to work,” Nick says. “Every two weeks, we would meet and talk things through. It’s great to get perspective from people outside your business.”

Nick realized that he needed to implement a road map. He created systems, processes, and operating procedures so he could grow strategically but bring others in to share the workload. He has since created a true team environment where his colleagues step in for each other to allow for time off and vacations, which are important to Nick’s family. 

When Nick hires, he now brings everyone in with the expectation of both high-quality service but the flexibility to be a team. 

“I want this to be a happy place for customers and team members,” Nick explains. He wants his business to have built-in hospitality, to keep everyone coming back.

“It’s a lot of hard work and it’s daunting. I didn’t know that before. In theory, my dreams can come true if I do the work,” Nick says. 

His time at the Lab is paying off, and he’s now able to focus on covering more ground.